Government Departments

  1. What We Do

    Ever wonder what your Town government is responsible for?

  2. Town Fees

  3. Employment Opportunities

    Current open positions are listed here.

  4. Staff Directory

    Find contact information for staff and board members.

  5. Administration

    The Administration Department is responsible for the overall policy direction and management of the Town.

  6. Building

    The Building Division is responsible for reviewing building plans and permit applications.

  7. Town Clerk

    Learn about the duties and responsibilities of the Town Clerk.

  8. Engineering

    The Engineering Department provides engineering services for the town including reviewing and inspecting infrastructure associated with development projects, and designing administering capital improvement project construction.

  9. Finance

    Get information on the City's budget, audits and tax information.

  10. Open Space

    The Open Space Coordinator performs a variety of duties relating to the proper use, maintenance, acquisition and protection of Town open space lands.

  11. Planning

    The Planning and Zoning Department works to provide safe, efficient and orderly development within the Town of Eagle, while also striving to enhance and maintain the natural and social environment.

  12. Police & Municipal Court

    Our Mission is to enhance the quality of life within the Town through partnerships and cooperation with our community in the development and delivery of professional police services.

  13. Public Works

    The Public Works facility and department is responsible for Town engineering, street repair and maintenance, trash and waste removal, water and wastewater services and water / sewer / roadway inspections.

  14. Town Attorney

    View contact information for the Town Attorney.

  15. Utilities

    The Town of Eagle is responsible for providing the water, wastewater (sewer), and trash services for the residents and businesses within Town limits and water service to nearby residential developments in unincorporated Eagle County.